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Archives   2014

Myanmar   Health   Sciences   Research   Journal

Volume   26,  Number   1

TITLE:   Nutritional Status of Children with Cerebral Palsy in Cerebral Palsy Clinic, Yangon Children's Hospital
AUTHOR:   Win Lai May; Han Win; Kyaw Linn; Kyaw Oo; Sandar Kyi; Aye Hnin Phyu; Dam Liam Pau
SOURCE:   Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal. 2014; 26(1):22-27
ABSTRACT:   There has been an increased awareness that significant proportion of children with special needs including cerebral palsy (CP) is under-nourished. It can predispose to further morbidities imposing more suffering to the affected child and the family. This study aimed to determine the proportion of malnutrition in children with CP and to find out the association between the clinical factors and malnutrition. It was a cross-sectional descriptive study conducted at CP Clinic. Yangon Children's Hospital (YCH) from May 2010 to June 2011. Children aged from 1 month to 12 years with all types of CP were included in the study. Data were collected by face-to-face interview with caretakers using the pretested structured questionnaire, measuring weight and height/length and examination to determine type of CP and level of gross motor function of the children. Nutritional status was classified according to Water low classification. Among 173 children with CP, 7 8.6% had under nutrition, 53.8% were wasted and 52% were stunted. Older age (p=0.002) and feeding solid foods (p<0.00 1) were significantly associated with under nutrition. In children > 18 months, those who depended totally on care givers tor feeding (p=0.03) and spastic quadriplegic CP compared to other spastic types (p=0.03) were significantly associated with under nutrition. Malnutrition is quite prevalent in children with CP in YCH and nutritional support should he an integral part of the management of these children.
SUBJECT HEADINGS:   Nutritional Status. Cerebral Palsy.

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