Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal
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Aims of MHSR Journal
  • To serve as an important medium for the publication of original research in the field of medical science and health research, thus filling gaps in health knowledge for effective utilization of research findings
  • To impart current medical knowledge and updated scientific information obtained from research to health professionals for better and appropriate health care management
  • To disseminate recent basic, applied and social research findings among health personnel of different strata for enhancing worldwide health development

Submitting Manuscript

After you have completed Manuscript preparation, Log in to the MHSRJ Online Submission and select Author Center. To begin the submission process, you should select link “Submit a new manuscript”. To get successful submission, please follow step-by-step of the submission process. You may suspend a submission at any stage as draft and save it to submit later. After submission, you can also log in any time to check the status of your manuscript.

Step 1
1. Select your Manuscript type.
2. Type Title (Limit 50 words).
3. Type the abstract (Limit 350 words).
4. Enter Keywords (Limits 6 words).
5. To see the preview, click on preview button of either Title, Astract or Keywords.
6. Then, click Save & Next and Go to Step 2.
Step 2
1. Enter information of Author, total number of Co-authors (not more than 8).
2. Click Go and fill information of Co-authors. Their email adresses are important.
3. Then, click Save & Next and Go to Step 3.
Step 3
1. Create the cover letter adressing to the Editor, the Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal, Department of Medical Research.
2. It should:
  • contain description of the novelty and importance of the work briefly; the agreement from all Co-authors for submitting to MHSRJ
  • mention about ethical consideration and that the manuscript and its content have not previously been published else-where.
  • describe that the submitting/corresponding author accepts responsibility for releasing this material on behalf of any and all co-authors.
  • 3. Then, click Save & Next and Go to Step 4.
    Step 4
    1. Fill number of words, tables and figures.
    2. Browse files from your computer and make them attached.
    3. Fill Conflict of Interest & Research Fundings
    4. When you finish, click save and continue.
    5. Then click Next and go to Preview.
    1. Check informations filled in previous steps and if needed, you can edit every step.
    2. After making confirmation, Click Finish button.
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    Vision : Achieving a healthier nation through application of research findings          Mission Statement : To Develop and promote solutions to the major health problems of Myanmar