Myanmar Health Sciences Research Journal
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Aims of MHSR Journal
  • To serve as an important medium for the publication of original research in the field of medical science and health research, thus filling gaps in health knowledge for effective utilization of research findings
  • To impart current medical knowledge and updated scientific information obtained from research to health professionals for better and appropriate health care management
  • To disseminate recent basic, applied and social research findings among health personnel of different strata for enhancing worldwide health development

Creating Author Account

MHSR J would like to invite you to submit manuscripts of your research work through our Online Submission. First, you need to register before Online Submission.

1. Please fill the Registration form completely.
2. First, you can enter your name and email information and click next. Your email information is extremely important.
3. You have to fill your Department/ Institution and address information and then, click next.
4. Then, you have to set your User ID and Password. We advise you to use your email adress as your User ID. Please confirm your password and click Register when being done.
5. You will receive the Account Activation Mail in your inbox. Using the link enclosed, you can log in.
6. Then, you can go to Online Submission and submit your paper by the step-by-step process.
7. You may suspend a submission at any step as a draft and save it to submit later. After submission, you can also log in any time to check the status of your manuscript.
8. You will receive back mail of the acknowledgement and registration number for the paper submitted to the MHSR Journal.
9. You will receive the reviewers’ comments for your manuscript and need to revise it as re-quested in comments.
10. For your revised copy, please upload the revised version of the manuscript and press 'Submit Revised Version'.
11. We would be grateful if you could resubmit your files with the changes requested within the 3 weeks after receiving the remarks of the reviewers.
12. If needed, you can reply it with reasonable explanation to the reviewer’s comment.
13. When the manuscript is accepted for publication, an acceptance letter will be sent to you by e-mail.
14. Every author can check the status and the results of the review on the website. All requests or revised manuscripts, and response letters will be delivered through this website.

Vision : Achieving a healthier nation through application of research findings          Mission Statement : To Develop and promote solutions to the major health problems of Myanmar